Monday, 8 February 2010

Crafty Sunday

I made vegan blueberry scones based on a recipe from Babycakes NY - I loved this recipe book everything sugar free and vegan but still really tasty.
Also made a dress following the tutorial from the fantastic VeryPurplePerson. Next one I make will be in all black as I started to wonder this morning if this dress looked more like an old lady nightie....

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Ian Jackson said...

Yes it does a bit, think the different coloured top half just rescues it.
The scones look great.

h said...

I agree with your dad - the different coloured top *just* saves it from looking like a nightie.

I am very interested in this cookbook -- do all of the recipes have sweeteners (agave, maple syrup, honey, or whatever), or are some of them not sweetened? I have been a mad sweetener free scientist in the kitchen lately, trying to bake stuff for Bianca -- most of the stuff I have vegan non-sweetened recipes for have bad textures though. I think my next step will be to just omit the sugar from a more traditional recipe (for something like banana or apple bread, that will have the fruit for sweetness), and see how that goes.

pix said...

oh dear not the positive response to my dressmaking that I was hoping for.. :)

as for the cookbook - its gone back to the library now so can't check the recipes, from memory though, it was mostly some sort of sweeteners. Most used agave although I managed to substitute the syrup with blended canned pineapple which seemed to work quite well... you're right though the texture isn't quite the same!

h said...

Don't misunderstand me: I think the dress is very cute -- if the top wasn't a different colour it might have been a different story, but you made the right choice. Very cute.

as for the baking: texture that's "not quite the same" would be a big improvement on the recipes I have with a texture which is "not quite edible". Maybe I'll have a look for that book.